BizTalk Troubles: Failed to update binding information

Today we tried to deploy from Visual Studio to our local BizTalk Server Instance using the Deployment Framework for BizTalk. At the binding import stage the process failed and reported the following error message:


Information: Importing bindings “D:\Projects\MyProject\MyProject\MySolution.MyFolder.MyProject\PortBindings.xml” into application “MyApplication.App1″ in BizTalk configuration database (server=”hostname”, database=”BizTalkMgmtDb”)…

Error: Failed to update binding information.

Cannot update send port “SqlSendPort_DataBase1”.

Cannot update transport information (address “mssql://host/instance/database?”).

The following items could not be matched up to hosts due to name and/or trust level mismatches: Item: ‘WCF-Custom’ Host: ‘MyProject_SendHost” Trust level: ‘Untrusted’

You must do one of the following:

1) Create hosts with these names and trust levels and try again

2) Re-export the MSI without the binding files and have a post import script apply a suitable binding file.


It took us quite some time to find the problem. Googling through the web we found lots of blog posts and forum entries all of which said something like:

The binding can not be imported since it wants to map items (e.g. Ports) to host instances it cannot find. This can be due to a mismatch in the name or the trust setting in the binding xml file and the hosts in biztalk.

 In our case however, the error message did not help us at all. Besides the name and the trust settings you need to register the adapters for the hosts. You can do this in tbahe management console at “Platform Settings” –> “Adapters”. (Sidenote: In our setup, the adapter window in the BizTalk Management Console did not refresh and show the newly created adapters until we restarted the BizTalk Administration.)

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