Installing Windows 8 To Go. Lessons Learned

It described my Windows 8 To Go (or W2G) experience in my other blog post ( Here are the lessons that I learned:

1. Certified Drive

There is a list of USB Sticks that are officially supported for W2G:

For any other drive you might run into problems sooner or later. My problem was that I could not install Visual Studio 2012 on Windows 8 To Go.

2. USB 3.0

If you want to enjoy your W2G, you absolutely need USB 3.0. I ran it on a USB 2.0 notebook and everything worked. However, it was painfully slow and I could not use it without getting pissed off.

Bottom Line: If you are like me and have 5 computer but only one that supports USB 3.0., better go for a local installation (or a VHD installation, see my other post instead.