VS2015 New Debugging and Performance Features (German)

I wrote an article for the August 2015 edition of Windows Developer Magazin that introduces the new debugging features in Visual Studio 2015. I has recently been published online for everybody to read. If you are interested in debugging in VS2015, go check it out (note: it is written in German):


The article presents the changes in VS2015 related to debugging:

  • The Exception Settings Debug Window
  • Lambda Expression Debugging in the Watch Window
  • PerfTips
  • The Diagnostic Tools Window
  • Live Visual Tree
  • Live Property Explorer

As a conclusion, the article compares the following 3rd party WFP troubleshooting tools:

  • Snoop
  • WPF Inspector
  • XAML Spy
  • WinRT XAML Toolkit VisualTreeDebugger

All my other article can be found here: https://manuelmeyer.net/articles/

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