Great Article: 20 years of Microsoft Windows by Peter Bright from From Windows NT to Hololens in 2 Decades



Today I stumbled upon an article that blew my mind. Peter Bright (@drpizza) from wrote an amazing article about what Microsoft did with Windows over the last 2 decades. I think the article covers every Microsoft related term that I have ever heard: Windows NT, Win32, WinRT, XBox, Hololens and so on.

It is pretty long and has a great technical depth but at the same time contains a lot of politics and organizational insights.

In the article, the reader travels through time and finds out how Microsoft achieved its “Windows Everywhere” vision with Windows 10. A vision that Microsoft had been promoting for more than 20 years and an achievement that no other company has accomplished.  The main thread of the article focuses on the technology, you will read how Microsoft started with Windows NT and the Win32 API and went through all the versions of Windows from NT to WindowsCE up to Windows 10. Peter brilliantly describes the influence of the ICT industry, major organizational changes and important decisions taken by Microsoft and how it all contributed to the current state of affairs: Windows 10 as the true Universal Platform.

If you are a windows developer, I urge you to read this masterpiece!


You can read it in full here:


The following image describes how Windows OS Versions, Platforms and Frameworks relate:


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