.NET Power Tips

On this page I collect little tips and tricks that I have picked up during my work as a .NET developer. They will make your developer life more productive, easier or more interesting.

Have fun reading!

.NET Power Tip 20: The Cycle Clipboard Ring in Visual Studio
.NET Power Tip 19: Copying, Cutting, Pasting and Moving Lines in Visual Studio
.NET Power Tip 18: Visual Studio Block Selection / Block Copy Mode
.NET Power Tip 17: Visual Studio Scroll Bar Map Mode
.NET Power Tip 16: Visual Studio Find in Files
.NET Power Tip 15: The Call Hierachy Window in Visual Studio
.NET Power Tip 14: Navigation in Visual Studio
.NET Power Tip 13: Converting Images with ImageMagick
.NET Power Tip 12: Setting IIS Application Pools on Windows Access Control Lists (ACL)
.NET Power Tip 11: Visual Studio Productivity Power Tools
.NET Power Tip 10: Merging Assemblies
.NET Power Tip 9: Paste JSON/XML as Classes
.NET Power Tip 8: Troubleshooting log4net Configurations
.NET Power Tip 7: Excluding Files from TFS Source Control (Detected: 500 Add(s))
.NET Power Tip 6: Presenting in Visual Studio (Presentation Mode & ToolBox Snippets)
.NET Power Tip 5: Examining .NET Callstacks on Running Application with Sysinternals Process Explorer
.NET Power Tip 4: Playing with Format Strings
.NET Power Tip 3: Reading Data from Excel/CSV
.NET PowerTip 2: Writing Data to Excel
.NET Power Tip 1–Save a .NET Assembly as a Visual Studio Project (*.csproj) with ILSpy


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